Corporate Training

How it works

  1. Select up to 10 participants.
  2. Each participant is provided with an online course consisting of 8 modules, each having videos, readers, examples, templates and exercises.
  3. Each participant over a period of 8 weeks completes each module.
  4. During the 8 weeks each participant has access to David by email to assist with any issues.
  5. Participants have access to the PME Facebook group to share questions and seek solutions.
  6. A date is fixed for a two-day workshop at least 8 weeks after the start. The venue to be provided by the organisation.
  7. David conducts a two-day workshop where participants work through a series of exercises and case studies to develop skills and apply knowledge learnt from the online course.
  8. A certificate is issued to each successful participant at the end of the workshop.

What it costs

The cost is just $6499 for up to 10 in the group. This includes all costs for David to travel to the venue anywhere in the world!

The organisation is responsible for paying all costs associated with the venue, catering, stationery etc. Larger groups are possible, please let us know the group size for the additional cost to be calculated.


Course Director


David Hearle is well recognised as a world leader in M&E having worked over the last 36 years in 30 countries developing M&E competence. This has involved training over 2400 individuals, numerous consultancies to develop monitoring systems and leading evaluations.

David is passionate about building M&E competence across organisations and has come up with a cost-effective method.


To proceed

It is very easy to start as the course is all ready to go. Just let us know the names of the participants and the email address so that we can give access to the course.

The workshop dates need to be agreed so David can organise travel.

Please just email