About the Course

Designing Development Interventions

This one day great value course provides an understanding of all the main tools used to monitor International Development Projects and Programmes.

The course assumes zero or limited skills and knowledge of Monitoring & Evaluation and designed for those new to Monitoring or who have been working in Monitoring & Evaluation but not been exposed to any formal training in the monitoring of development projects.

It is recommended for those new to M&E undertake the Designing Development Interventions course first as a knowledge of Theory of Change and Logical Framework is important for this course.

Participants will generally be working for NGOs, Governments, Donors, Corporates, and Consultancies or as independent consultants.

David brings to the teaching 36 years of working in International Development across most countries in Africa and Asia and is regarded as one of the leaders in building M&E capacity.

Each participant will be supplied with a flash stick with a series of reference materials, handouts and templates that David has produced. This makes beyond the course implementation easy and provides opportunities for self-learning after completion of the monitoring course.

Learning outcomes

After the course you will be able to

  • Describe the purpose of monitoring development projects and programmes
  • Explain the relationship between monitoring systems and evaluations
  • State the differences and relationship between impact, outcome, outputs, activities, and inputs
  • Explain the role of Theory of Change for design of monitoring systems
  • Explain the relationship between expected changes and project objectives in the Results Chain
  • Describe the use of the Logical Framework for monitoring development projects
  • Explain purpose of indicators
  • Describe characteristics of a good indicator
  • Describe different sources or means of verification for indicators
  • Explain how to identify appropriate data sources for indicators
  • Understand the importance of having clear SMART indicators for effective project performance management and reporting
  • Develop indicators for a given set of information
  • Describe the steps that need be followed to develop a Monitoring System
  • Understand the importance of having an effective monitoring system for project performance
  • Describe the purpose of an M&E Framework
  • Explain the purpose of an M&E Plan
  • Describe how the M&E Framework relates to project/organisation planning and performance management
  • Develop an M&E Framework & M&E System for a given set of information
  • Use M&E information for project/organisation learning and decision-making
  • Recognise the importance of M&E to decision-making, planning and organisation learning
  • Explain how Monitoring systems can be set up using mobile data collection solutions
  • Explain the value of creating dashboards and discuss how they can be created using a range of proprietary and open source software

Available Special Course


The course can be run on demand for groups at any time in any location. Please contact david.hearle@impactmanagementinternational.com if you would like to run the course at your location.



David Hearle

David Hearle is very well recognised in international development as an M&E specialist with 32 years’ experience in Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, the Middle East and, South America. This has involved working as project director, team leader, consultant and trainer in 28 countries for many of the UN agencies, World Bank, EU, numerous bilateral donors, including DFID, SDC, GTZ and many national and international NGOs. David is the Managing Director of IMI and previously Director of IMA, Director of Futures Academy and Director of the Effective Development Group.


Registration and help

Registration for the Monitoring Development course can be done by clicking here and registering on line. If you prefer to register off line or need more details, please contact:


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(or call ++ 61 438 730204)

All participants will be presented with a certificate of attendance at the end of the course.

Some Participants’ Review

Excellent overview of the evaluation held with a true expert who knows theories and have tremendous held experience to share. All examples given are very practical

This was a great course! Highly recommended

The training was extremely informative, enjoyable and interactive. David is wonderful! Great food as well.

It was a good opportunity to evaluate ourselves and learn from others

Extremely detailed two courses on M&E and Development. The exercises and interactive learning sessions were very useful. The broad range of experience of the participants was very helpful in the learning of the course. David made it very accessible to someone totally new to the field.

For the people who are working in the field of M&E, and wants to broaden knowledge, I will recommend IMI as the ultimate destination in context of knowledge and budget