IMI has been operational since 2001 and conducted numerous consultancies and training courses on Monitoring and Evaluation and Strategic Planning. Below we list some of the IMI experience.

Develop and implement an online M&E course for the PME Academy

Write and produce an online M&E course for PME and manage assignments, assessments and support for registered students. Funded by PME. Ongoing from March 2018.

M&E Course Solomons

Develop an M&E System for Ministry of Health, Solomon Islands
Develop and implement an M&E System for Rural Water and Sanitation for the Government of Solomon Islands, Ministry of Health. Funded by the EU. Start date August 2016 with completion expected July 2019.

Workshop to design M&E System, Ministry of Public Service, Solomon Islands
Conduct a workshop to design an M&E System for the Government of Solomon Islands to build the M&E Framework and the Performance Management System across all sectors. Funded by the Government of Solomon Islands. Completed October 2015.

Develop an M&E System for the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Programme, Papua New Guinea
Establish and manage the M&E component of RWSSP that provided water and sanitation facilities to 732 rural villages across 17 provinces. The assignment involved the design of the M&E system; managing the M&E team; data collection; data recording; data analysis; reporting; conducting the mid-term review, and production of the final programme impact. Funded by the EU. Period of assignment 2008 – 2013.

Solomons M&E System DevelopmentDesign an M&E System for the World Meteorological Organisation, Switzerland
Designed a complete RBM&E system, training all staff, developing the data recording and reporting systems, publishing the full documentation, testing the system and production of the first set of reports. The system reports on all WMO activities worldwide and the services provided by the National Meteorological Organisation in all member countries. Funded by WMO. Period of assignment December 2011 – February 2012.

Develop an M&E Framework for the Global Water Partnership, Sweden
Develop an M&E framework and results system including a logical framework to guide and measure the work of GWP for the period 2012 to 2015 based on the GWP Strategic Plan and conducting a series of facilitated workshops with key senior managers and directors.Funded by DFID. Period of assignment March – August 2013.

Develop M&E capacity for the Internal Monitoring and Evaluation Cell for PROSHIKA, Bangladesh
Develop the institutional capacity of IMEC to enable improved evaluation, monitoring and impact measurement of the work of PROSHIKA, at that time, the second largest NGO in Bangladesh. This included setting up a full department for M&E and developing systems and building staff capacity. Numerous research studies were carried out and commissioned.Funded by DFID. Period of assignment 2001 – 2003.

Develop an M&E Framework for the Ministry of Women Development, Pakistan
Develop an M&E framework for the Ministry of Women Development. Funded by GTZ.February 2009.

M&E System Development

Develop an M&E Framework for the National Aids Council Secretariat, Papua New Guinea
Produce an M&E framework, for NACS, where all stakeholders worked with the consultant team to agree on the national framework and next actions required.Funded by the Government of PNG. Period M&E Course in Bangkokof assignment August – October 2007.

Develop an M&E System for the Water Resources Demand Assistance Project, China
Develop M&E systems for the Ministry of Water Resources. Funded by DFID. Period of assignment October 2005 – December 2006.

Develop an M&E Framework for Ockenden International, Cambodia
Develop the M&E framework and Capacity building for Ockenden and partner staff in M&E techniques, involving training and mentoring on M&E. Funded by Ockenden. Period of assignment August – October 2005.

Develop an M&E Framework for the Ministry of Local Government, Botswana
Develop an M&E framework and action plan for the development of an integrated M&E system for the Ministry of Local Government.Funded by the Government of Botswana. April 2008.

Develop M&E Competence for the Heinrich Boell Foundation, Thailand
Develop skills in M&E for the regional directors and senior management of the Heinrich Boell Foundation. Funded by Heinrich Boell. November 2007.

Develop an MIS system for the Land and Surveys Commission, Guyana
Development of a fully operational MIS system for the Guyana Land and Surveys Commission. Funded by DFID. June – December 2002.

Strategic Planning BARD, RDA and NILG, Bangladesh
Development of strategic plans for RDA/BARD and NILG, three major government research and training institutes. The assignment involved leading a consultant team working with staff of each institute to undertake a situation analysis; benchmarking; mission and vision statements; and setting strategic objectives. Funded by SDC September – December 2010.

Bangkok Course 2016

Strategic Planning National Environment Management Authority, Kenya
Produce the first strategic plan for the newly formed NEMA. The assignment involved producing a comprehensive strategic plan for NEMA, 2005 to 2010, that was fully costed with indicators and objectives at each level. Being a new organisation, a considerable number of high level workshops and meetings were facilitated to ensure that all stakeholders were included as part of the planning process. Funded by EU January – September 2004.

Strategic Planner for Economic Empowerment of the Poorest Project, Bangladesh
Produce a new logical framework using the revised DDFID format, and update indicators and milestones. Funded by DFID. August 2009

Strategic Planner for China River Basin Management Programme, China
With stakeholders, develop a logical framework for the EU-China River Basin Management Programme. Funded by the EU. Period of assignment August – December 2007.

Strategic Planning for IRRI, Bangladesh
Assisting BIRRI/IRRI project partners to produce logical frameworks for projects funded by DFID under the International Rice Research Institute. Funded by DFID. November 2002.

Community Development for Shell Petroleum, Nigeria
Develop skills of community development staff of SPDC and design Community Development Initiatives.Funded by SPDC August – November 2006.

Human Resource Planning, Ministry of Agriculture, Bangladesh
Develop a comprehensive study to determine the agricultural manpower needs for Bangladesh from 2004 to 2008. Funded by DFID October – November 2003.

Project Planning for JICA, Japan
Develop project management systems JICA funded Japanese development organisations.Funded by JICA. Period of assignment April – August 2001.

Strategic Planner for RDRS, Bangladesh
Complete an organisational assessment of RDRS,a large NGO, to identify management constraints and issues for the board and executive to address. Funded by DFID. November 2000.

Strategic Planner for Bangladesh Rural Livelihoods and Farm Power
Assist organisations submitting research proposals for funding under REFPI to produce a logical framework. Funded by DFID October 2000.